Patient receiving a relaxing hands-on massage
Interested in Getting Started in a Massage Therapy Career?
Like Other Healthcare Sectors, Job Opportunities are Plentiful
The Pay is Pretty Good and You Can Get Started Without a Lot of Training
Finding a Local Training School Might Be a Little Difficult Though

Massage Careers

Are you considering entering the massage therapy field?

Massage School Finder is a quick, easy guide for finding nationally recognized massage training classes at various locations across the country.

Back pain therapy through massageSome of these training programs are designed for beginners, while others are for professional therapists seeking continuing education credits and learning advanced techniques.

You can find single courses, short vocational career training and complete certification programs in various categories of massage therapy.

This segment of the health and well-being industry is booming. Many people are using therapeutic massage to enhance their health and seek relief from pain, injury and stress.

Medical professionals are increasingly referring patients to massage therapists for natural, non-chemical patient treatment.

Where Will I Work?
As a trained massage therapist, you will have numerous career opportunities.

A trained massage professional makes a home visitYou can choose to work in medical or chiropractic offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, resorts and hotels, health and fitness clubs, cruise ships, sports medicine clinics, medical and health spas, or you can even start your own private practice.

What Will I Study?
As a massage therapy student, you will study a variety of topics. These topics may include introductions to eastern style and contemporary western style; acupressure; seated massage; thermal therapies; deep massage treatment; movement, stretching and exercise; basic physiology and anatomy; sports massage and health spa practices.

You will also learn techniques for effectively working with patients in a healthcare environment.

What’s My First Step?
Your first step is to find a great school. Look at our list of schools for some suggestions of programs that can get you trained and into a new career within a short period of time.

You can get started today.

Just put your zip code into our handy search tool to find an available school.