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space Massage Therapy Schools in Florida
This page helps you find a Florida massage therapy and training school. Massage schools are typically designed for both new students looking for a complete training program as well as experienced therapists looking for a single remedial or continuing education course. These schools are in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Hialeah, and Pinellas Park.

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Everest Institute
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You may find other career choices at our newer page of FL training opportunities.

Not everyone can spend four years at a large university. Some students have trouble finding the ways or means to attend classes at any college. Fortunately, you can find an online vocational college that will allow you to earn your associate's degree or diploma through online study.

If you started taking massage classes, but decided that it really wasn't right for you, you should consider a different field, such as culinary arts. Graduating culinary arts students typically find internships at good local restaurants after their first year of training. Click here to look for a school here in Florida.

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